The form of Marriage where a man has more than one wife up to the limit of four at the same time. Where women can have best close friends and sister wives. And it solves slot of problems for society. In a world where women are the majority.

Polygyny is a blessing for mankind if it’s rules are implemented accordingly. The sad reality in our so called modern days of wisdom is that you see some Muslims, especially sisters, leaving Islam and speaking against polygyny.

Please note that Allah concluded HIS message to mankind with the religion of Islam, and HE tells us that HE will not accept any religion other than that. ALLAH delivered this: “and whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:85]. Clear warning warning my dear sisters and brothers.

Also note that Allah does not permit anything if it is not good for us. Thirdly, it’s totally wrong to blame Allah and Islam due to the wrong actions of some Muslims. Our priority individually is to please Allah seeking his mercy and guidance in return for his paradise regardless of how your husband or wife treat you. We all know Allah permitted polygamy on conditions to be met else without those conditions polygamy will be forbidden to men.

We are all aware that FAIRNESS and financial power are serious ingredients for polygyny to be permissible. If you are unable to cater and treat your first wife well, do not even attempt a second wife as that may be a curse in your life and may cause you hellfire. Sisters must avoid accepting to be second wife without researching about how he treats the first wife and whether or not he is capable psychologically emotionally financially. Do not blame Islam or Allah for the mess in your marriage if you failed to research about the brother and sister. Do not marry a sister if she does not have Eman/Faith to respect polygyny and support you to be fair in your marriage. Rely on Allah to guide and change your husband instead of taking matters into your own hands and harming, defaming or disrespecting him for cheating and unfairness to you as some do.

Polygyny is a blessing if you can afford and apply justice to it so let’s not blame Allah indirectly by speaking against it but rather blame those men for their ignorance and lack of Eman/Faith and make the right choice from the beginning.

Society is filled with hookups and one night stands, girl friends, mistresses and side chicks. And in most times as long as the women is taken care of emotionally, financially, and in other regards then she is settled at the end of the day, regardless or even with the knowledge that the man providing this for her has another companion.

There have been many nations that have practiced polygyny in the past, and have been successful in their married life. And still in the modern day we see many engaged in the life style. This form of polygamy defiantly solves the many problems of society we have today. Every women gets to have a chance in love, security, intimacy, a sense of wholesome as well as children.

On another note, all said parties may choose to work and build a polygamous family. It’s the nature of man to be with more than one , abd nature of woman to be devoted to one

Women calling for polygyny

For those Seeking polygyny and to join a family

Today there is Polyamory which is also in the rise and or polyandry. Two forms of polygamy not accepted in Islam.


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